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'Dzul Ink Lounge' is eternally grateful for all of the support we have received over the past 10 years in our Downtown Seattle location. We look forward to continuing our services to past, present, and future clients by creating ever-lasting beautiful artwork for them to wear everyday. We want to thank everyone for supporting us by throwing a grand event to celebrate our artists and clients. We leave behind a decade of memories, and walk into a new decade ready to create more.


'Dzul Ink Lounge' welcomes you to join us on December 9th, 2022, to enjoy and celebrate the artwork of both Alejandro and Jacob Dzul, our talented tattoo artists, as they end 2 decades of tattooing and walk into their 3rd. Alongside them is Cata Dzul, our amazingly proficient and adept piercer of 16 years, and beloved sister to Alex and Jacob. During the exhibition opening, we will have an Art Wall with artwork from both Tattooist and Designers along with prints for sale. Included in the event will be the showing of our newly renovated lounge, refreshments, catering, a photo wall and Polaroids, live streaming of the event, Q and A's, live music, and announcing our Raffle Ticket winners!



Enter FREE for the $500 Tattoo Raffle


Purchase tickets to enter the contest and win either a $500, $1K, $3K, or $5K tattoo, many will enter but few will win! You can work with the design team to create a customized, one-of-a-kind tattoo or choose from a variety of pre-existing designs that our design team has created shown in the galleries below. We will also allow any of our current clients who wish to enter the raffle can put whichever category they win towards any current tattoo projects!

You can purchase an unlimited amount of tickets and each ticket bought goes into the drawing once, so the more tickets, the more opportunity to win! We will also be selling these tickets during the event until 9 pm, allowing us time to choose the winners.

5K Raffle Tattoo Designs

3K Raffle Tattoo Designs

1K Raffle Tattoo Designs


Art Wall Available for viewing, Live Stream active, DJ Music and hors d'oeuvres served throughout the night

Performances to be announced...

Raffle Announcement 

End of Event

8:00 PM - 9:45 PM 

10:00 PM - 10:30 PM 

10:30 PM

11:00 PM  


  • If I win the raffle, can I modify the design?

    • Yes, of course! We have design suggestions, but we are willing to work within the price and create a completely customized tattoo for you. 

  • Are you required to purchase a ticket to enter the raffle?

    • Not every raffle option requires a purchase, we have a ticket for a $500 tattoo that is absolutely free! 

  • How soon do I need to come in to get my tattoo if I win the raffle?

    • There is a 90 day limit to book your appointment! 

  • How much can I change the size of my tattoo? 

    • We will have guidelines for size based on the price of the winning tattoo. As long as it fits in the margins of the price, we can modify the size! 

  • If I win the tattoo raffle, are there any extra charges I should expect?

    • There are no extra charges, but tips are always appreciated! 

  • What if I don't win the raffle and still want to get a tattoo of one of the designs?

    • Anyone can purchase one of the designs if it is unpicked by the raffle winners!

  • Can I purchase raffle tickets in person? 

    • Yes, come into the shop any time to purchase tickets! Or visit the link to purchase tickets virtually.

  • Is this an exclusive event?

    • Everyone is welcome! Bring yourself, your friends, your mom, or anyone who loves tattoos and art!

  • Is the event free?

    • Yes, the event is completely free of charge.

  • What will be displayed in the art exhibition?

    • Each of the artists on our team will be displaying their personal artwork in the exhibition, falling within the theme of Reincarnation. This will present the diverse artistic talents of everyone on the Dzul team, and launch us into the next 10 years! 

  • What else can we expect to see besides art exhibition?

    •  Besides the exhibition, we will have a photo booth, dj, food and drinks, and an airbrush station! 

  • How long will the exhibition be up for?

    • If you can’t make it to the event, don't worry! The exhibition will remain in the shop for 3 months. 

  • If I purchase one of the artist's prints during the event can I get it as a tattoo?

    • Yes! In fact, it’s highly encouraged!

Ink Masters & Piercer Bios

Alex small.jpg

Alejandro Dzul

Alejandro was introduced to art at an early age growing up in Los Angeles. His talent was apparent from the beginning as his early sketches began earning Alejandro commissions from neighborhood families. He began his career as a tattoo artist when customers began to request custom tattoo designs from him. Alejandro finds that the most rewarding aspect of the tattoo process is utilizing his skills to develop a design that realizes his client’s vision and desires. He enjoys creating something that symbolizes one’s life experiences and dreams. He has now been tattooing for 20 years, and has cultivated his craft and his business at Dzul in Belltown for the past 10 years. Alejandro also acts as the Director of Business and Marketing at Dzul Ink Lounge. His personal goals include publishing a book of his photography and tattoo designs, and to showcase his artworks at professional galleries. After a small reprieve to focus on spearheading the business’ growth, Alejandro has gotten to throw himself back into his first passion of tattooing and urges you to keep a lookout in the near future for new work. 

Jacob Headshot.jpg

Jacob Dzul

Jacob has had a lifelong "obsession" with creating art. He showed talent at an early age, and was encouraged by his parents, especially his father who assisted Jacob with his drawing homework in elementary school. In school, Jacob would often get caught sketching pictures instead of focusing on class, where he would trade drawings with classmates for pieces of candy. Jacob's unique style is inspired by Mexican-American and pre-Hispanic art and infused with the flavor of the street and urban graffiti art. Jacob admires all types of body art, but has a special appreciation for fine line black and grey tattooing. Jacob's talent has established him as one of the most sought after black and grey tattoo artists in Seattle. He is also highly accomplished and well versed in all tattoo styles including: portrait, vintage, and full color tattoos.

Cata Dzul

When Catalina was growing up, nontraditional piercings were not so common. As a young girl she was struck by the beauty of a girl who had three piercings on each of her earlobes. Catalina was so enamored with the girl’s piercings that it inspired her to put multiple piercings in her own ears. The multiple piercings made her feel beautiful and transformed. In her words, “the rest is history.” This was the start of her interest in the art of body modification and eventually led to her work as a body-piercing artist. Catalina completed the Fakir Musafar Basic Body Piercing Intensive training in San Francisco in 2006. She has been practicing as a professional piercing artist in Seattle since 2006 as well. Catalina has also completed instruction with David A. Vidra, an authorized OSHA instructor.

Design Team Artist Bios



(Shjuh-Vell. She/Her)

Yebel is a Washington based (she refuses to stay in one place) Multi-Media Artist. With a background in Graphic Design, Multi-Medium Illustration, Digital Art, Photography, Game Design, Character Design, Animation and now feasting her eyes on Tattooing, she takes her love for Art in its many forms, quite literally; and has 17 years to show for it. She considers herself an Expert of the Horror Genre and uses it as inspiration in her artwork. 



(Jeh-sih-kuh. She/Her)

Seattle based artist and designer, Jessica Cooke, is on a continuous journey of refining her skills in both fine arts and digital media. Jessica has had a deep love for art and creation since she was young and has used this to explore many different mediums including jewelry/metal sculpting, oil painting, and digital media. She has used her art and design as a source of expression for femininity and exploration of her own personal dream world, hence her use of bright colors, curves, and surrealistic themes.



(Juh-nay, She/They)

Janée is a Seattle based artist and photographer. She has been studying photography and taking photos for over ten years. She loves creating art, and strives to do so in everything she does. Their photography is based around the beauty of the human body and human nature. Their photographs are focused on her human subject(s), using nudity as a symbol of vulnerability and renewal. She is continuously trying to desexualize the female body through association. All they want is a world where nipples can just be nipples, regardless of gender!



(Hey-lee She/Her)

Haley first explored her love for art during college, earning her Bachelors in Fine Arts at Eckerd College. She thrives in several different mediums and continues to look for new ways to make her art shine. Most recently she has focused on acrylic painting, digital art, and charcoal drawings. Her artistic attention leans toward more fluid and earthly subjects.

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