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'Dzul Ink Lounge' is eternally grateful for all of the support we have received over the past 10 years in our Downtown Seattle location. We look forward to continuing our services to past, present, and future clients by creating ever-lasting beautiful artwork for them to wear everyday. We want to thank everyone for supporting us by throwing a grand event to celebrate our artists and clients. We leave behind a decade of memories, and walk into a new decade ready to create more.


'Dzul Ink Lounge' welcomes you to join us on December 9th, 2022, to enjoy and celebrate the artwork of both Alejandro and Jacob Dzul, our talented tattoo artists, as they end 2 decades of tattooing and walk into their 3rd. Alongside them is Cata Dzul, our amazingly proficient and adept piercer of 16 years, and beloved sister to Alex and Jacob. During the exhibition opening, we will have an Art Wall with artwork from both Tattooist and Designers along with prints for sale. Included in the event will be the showing of our newly renovated lounge, refreshments, catering, a photo wall and Polaroids, live streaming of the event, Q and A's, live music, and announcing our Raffle Ticket winners!



Enter FREE for the $500 Tattoo Raffle


Purchase tickets to enter the contest and win either a $500, $1K, $3K, or $5K tattoo, many will enter but few will win! You can work with the design team to create a customized, one-of-a-kind tattoo or choose from a variety of pre-existing designs that our design team has created shown in the galleries below. We will also allow any of our current clients who wish to enter the raffle can put whichever category they win towards any current tattoo projects!

You can purchase an unlimited amount of tickets and each ticket bought goes into the drawing once, so the more tickets, the more opportunity to win! We will also be selling these tickets during the event until 9 pm, allowing us time to choose the winners.

5K Raffle Tattoo Designs

3K Raffle Tattoo Designs