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When Catalina was growing up, nontraditional piercings were not so common. As a young girl she was struck by the beauty of a girl who had three piercings on each of her earlobes. Catalina was so enamored with the girl’s piercings that it inspired her to put multiple piercings in her own ears. The multiple piercings made her feel beautiful and transformed. In her words, “the rest is history.” This was the start of her interest in the art of body modification and eventually led to her work as a body-piercing artist. 

Catalina is fascinated by body art and enjoys learning about the various ancient traditions and cultural motivations behind piercing. Catalina continues to explore how body piercing serves as both a modern-day spiritual and aesthetic statement for people from different backgrounds and walks of life.

Catalina completed the Fakir Musafar Basic Body Piercing Intensive training in San Francisco in 2006. She has been practicing as a professional piercing artist in Seattle since 2006 as well. Catalina has also completed instruction with David A. Vidra, an authorized OSHA instructor. 

Catalina’s training includes:

  • Sterilization practices for the body modification industry

  • Practices of infection control for the body piercing industry

  • Anatomy and wound care practices for the piercing industry

  • Blood-borne pathogens & Principles of infection control


Catalina stays up-to-date on all industry certifications and Washington state license. She strives to provide a safe and comfortable experience for her clients. Catalina is known for her welcoming personality and her natural talent for making client’s feel comfortable and at ease. She takes great pride in her client’s complete satisfaction with her work and wants them to feel and look great with their body piercings. 

Catalina’s professional plans include continuing her training in advanced piercings and techniques in order to offer more body modification options to her clients. In her spare time, Catalina enjoys spending time with her family, hot yoga, and staying active. You may occasionally find her out on the town dancing Salsa and Bachata.

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