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Jacob has had a lifelong "obsession" with creating art. He showed talent at an early age, and was encouraged by his parents, especially his father who assisted Jacob with his drawing homework in elementary school. As a child, he spent every possible moment developing his artistic talent. In school, Jacob would often get caught sketching pictures instead of focusing on class, where he would trade drawings with classmates for pieces of candy. At the early age of 8, Jacob's parents enrolled him in a boarding school, which allowed him to take specialized classes in art and illustration. Interested in branching out into different types of art, Jacob learned to airbrush as a teenager.


Enamored by the art and culture of tattooing, Jacob got his first one at the age of fifteen and began developing his own body ink artistry and technique by working on his friends. As his tattoo style developed, word spread about his gift and Jacob quickly built an ever-growing public following of loyal patrons and young fans!

Jacob's unique style is inspired by Mexican-American and pre-Hispanic art and infused with the flavor of the street and urban graffiti art. Jacob admires all types of body art, but has a special appreciation for fine line black and grey tattooing. Jacob's talent has established him as one of the most sought after black and grey tattoo artists in Seattle. He is also highly accomplished and well versed in all tattoo styles including: portrait, vintage, and full color tattoos.


In addition to being Dzul Ink Lounge's resident tattoo artist, Jacob is also a naturally talented airbrush artist. He has been commissioned to paint murals for business establishments and private residences as well as create custom designs and art for every medium you can imagine from clothing and cars to their own bodies.

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