Italia is a Seattle-based QPOC artist, originally from Mexico City. With a background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. Stepping into the tattoo industry has been a smooth transition. Specializing in fine line and blackwork, the themes seen in their work are in the realm of geometry, pre-hispanic iconography, and macabre motifs. Italia has a special place in their heart for themes that relate back to their cultural background, such as, day of the dead-themed art, skulls & bones, as well as mayan and aztec symbols. 


Growing up in an environment where Art was not valued as a job, pursuing a career in the arts was, undeniably, an act of rebellion. From doodles to paintings, and digital renderings, the possibilities were endless. Graphic Design was a method of harnessing art and creativity, applying it to solve a premise, and doing so beautifully. These experiences have allowed for learning the Art of Tattooing, to be almost instinctive. 


Finding a place as a tattooist in one of Seattle’s Premiere Studios has been a huge stepping stone toward a life-long passion. “I think that tattooing is something that all artists consider doing, but I feel extremely lucky to have found myself working towards this actively, in such a culturally-rich space.” 

Sharing experiences and collaborating with the community is what Italia values most about tattooing. Taking part in bringing someone’s vision to life, and being entrusted to execute it onto their body, helping them decorate their temples. The love and respect they have for tattooing is unmatched by anything they’ve ever experienced. The moment Italia picked up a tattoo machine for the first time, they knew they did not want to do anything else with their life.

Find their most recent work on instagram @velvetcorpsetattoo