For Emma, art is a form of sacred storytelling. She has been telling stories through illustration for as long as she can remember. Her goal as an artist is to help people find and tell their stories and history through the collaborative craft of tattoo.

 Emma was fortunate to have been born into a family that supported her interests. She particularly remembers looking up to her grandmother, an amazing, multi-talented artist (who lived through WWII and supported the Danish resistance). She endlessly examined the art her grandmother made and surrounded herself with. She made her own clothes, she painted, sketched, and even designed her own home.

The endless reach of art in her grandmother’s life inspired Emma throughout her childhood, and encouraged her to experiment with many mediums.

Emma found her focus in illustration in college when she got her Bachelor of Fine Arts in iIlustration at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. It was there that she learned how to communicate more effectively through art.

In 2014 she relocated to Seattle. Thinking she’d stay for a summer, she fell in love with the city and the way it blends nature and urban life. Seattle also introduced Emma to the art of tattoo and offered her invaluable opportunities to develop her skill.

Tattooing has offered Emma a way to connect to people, learn their stories and discover what they want and need from the art they decorate themselves with.

Dzul has proven to be the perfect place for Emma to learn and master this craft. Dzul has a unique system for fertile collaboration between artists and clients, which rounded out her education in a career of making art for others. She is looking forward to cultivating long-term relationships with clients and one-of-a-kind works of art.


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